Learn about the History of America's Media with the American Media Library!

The American Media Library was created to inspire people of all ages to remember the history and heritage of American media over the years. Whether you are a college student getting your degree in media arts or are a retiree who wants to feel a bit nostalgic about the past and salute our history, the American Media Library’s website is here for all of you.

The American Media Library’s members are quite the electric group! To find out more about us, please visit our About Us page. (You will find out contact information on that page as well!)

The American Media Library gives presentations locally to the Oak Park areas of Illinois. If you are outside of this area, but would like us to give a presentation, please contact us via our About Us page. Our availability varies depending on our member's schedules, but we will do everything we can to make it! We are more than happy to travel for events and activities. (To see a sample of our events and activities that we have done in the past, and are holding in the future, please visit our Events and Activities page!)

Please note: Our club members are all volunteers. We are not paid to keep this website running, nor are we paid for our time spent giving presentations and seminars. Our members will do our best to keep this website updated – if you feel like there is something we are missing on our site, or if there is incorrect information listed anywhere here, please contact our webmaster. (All contact information can be found on the About us page!) Also, if you have any suggestions for future events or seminar topics, please feel free to pass those along! We always appreciate helpful suggestions!

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