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The American Media Library’s group is proud to offer fun events and seminars to those in the greater Chicago area. You can read about some of our previous seminars and events below. The members of the American Media Library are always open to new ideas or suggestions for additional content to cover. If you would like to make a suggestion, please contact us via our About Us page! Thank you!

Media and Communication Education Mentorship

While none of our members are certified teachers, the members of the American Media Library group have all gotten their degree and/or studied mass media in various ways. The members are happy to volunteer their time at local libraries, youth centers and even college centers to help those in need of some extra help. The American Media Library members excel at different types of media, so no matter what the subject matter at hand, we have someone who can help!

American Media Library Essay Writing Contest

The American Media Library members were happy to announce their essay writing contest back in 2016. It was through this contest that they awarded 3 winners from the greater Chicago area with a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card. The essay topic has changed each year, but will always focus around media and communication. This year’s essay writing contest should be announced in the early fall. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Pan via the About Us Page!

American Media Library Book Swap and Sale

Each summer, the American Media Library has held a successful book swap and sale. (This year’s book swap and sale’s location is TBD...we will let you know as soon as possible!) The American Media Library loves to promote literacy; if you have old books you would like to exchange for something that is new to you, or you would like to purchase discounted used books, please come by! (And make sure you bring your own bags!)

Other events and activities:

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