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The American Media Library is comprised of a group of volunteers, dedicated to educating the public about media history. Every American Media Library member dedicates their time and energy because this topic in American history is near and dear to them. The American Media Library team varies in age, background and even favorite parts of media history. If you are interested in learning more about our members, you can find more information listed below.

If you are looking to contact a specific American Media Library member, please follow the format listed below:

firstname.AML@amlibrary.com (Sorry for the inconvenience of this! Trying to avoid spam!)

If you do not know who you want to contact, or are looking for general information, please contact this email address: media@amlibrary.com

Our Members:

Justine Miller - Justine Miller is a graduate of Keene State College. She graduated with a bachelors of arts in communication. It was in college that Justine developed her loved for radio. Justine was part of WKNH throughout most of her college career. Upon graduating, Justine used her love for radio to get her current job as a marketing director at a local radio station outside of Chicago. This is where she met her husband and other American Media Library member, Mark.

Mark Miller - Mark Miller is not only Justine's husband, but he is the program director for the American Media Library organization.

Shelly Pan - Shelly Pan is a former news journalist and author of a few independent books. She is the American Media Library’s resident expert on print and journalism history!

James Killington - Amateur radio operator James Killington is the President and founder of the American Media Library. He is the oldest member (both in age and seniority) and loves all things related to media history.

Mary Bennett - Mary Bennett is the secretary for the club. Mary’s love of history and popular culture is what sparked her to join the club.

Jenny Hoyt - Jenny Hoyt is a self proclaimed computer nerd and lover of all things technology based. Jenny was a pioneer in the IT industry (before computers and the internet became as common place as they are.) Jenny is an IT professional and is always happy to educate people on technology of the present day!

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